RING CARE & Maintenance


Your ring, no matter what the material, can last a lifetime with our help. Like everything you own, your jewelry should be cleaned carefully taking the material into consideration. Using the wrong cleaner can cause irreversible damage that you may have to live with forever, so don’t chance it!  

Generally, all our rings can be cleaned with warm water and mild dish soap that contains no harsh chemicals. For particularly tough jobs, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub away dirt and imperfections. Never soak and always thoroughly dry your wedding band. Finish by polishing with a soft jewelry cloth to bring back the shine.

Additional tips, tricks, and things to keep in mind

DON’T SWIM OR SHOWER WITH YOUR BAND ON. Our rings are sealed with a durable water-resistant resin. This means, that even if it seems to be “waterproof,” it still can be affected by too much exposure to water. While seemingly forgiving, it is best to avoid unnecessary exposure or submersion in liquids - do not intentionally swim or shower with one on. Constant exposure to moisture can expand materials, damage finishes, and cause obvious water damage that may void your warranty. However, Handwashing with mild soap is fine. 

MAKE YOUR RING THE LAST THING YOU PUT ON WHEN YOU’RE GETTING READY. Exposing your ring to any hair care products, cologne, lotion, or deodorant when wet can cause buildup that can permanently affect the finish. Some of these products contain harsh chemicals that can cause your ring to tarnish.  

KEEP YOUR RINGS AWAY FROM ANY HARSH CHEMICALS. Exposing your ring to harsh chemicals such as household cleaners and solvents like nail polish remover/acetone can cause staining, tarnishing, warping and can breakdown the protective cover, so avoid them as much as possible.  

DO NOT PUT RINGS INTO AN ULTRASONIC CLEANER. They have a potential to loosen inlays and/or force water/cleaner under the protective layer damaging the inlay itself. If water gets under the protective cover, it will sit, eat away, and rust the precious materials underneath.  

TAKE YOUR RING OFF BEFORE CARRYING ANYTHING SHARP OR HEAVY. Lifting heavy metal items or anything else that could scratch, ding, or break the inlay or even the band itself if you are not careful is highly recommended against. Remove your band before performing any activity that might damage it, such as exercising, yard work, swimming, dishwashing, etc. If you want to wear a ring for these types of activities, a silicone ring is a great cheap and comfortable placeholder.  

STORE YOUR JEWELRY IN TEMPERATURE-STABLE ENVIRONMENTS. Though the inlay is super-tough, extreme temperatures have the potential to expand and contract the metal or the inlay of your ring which can alter it permanently. Make sure to store it in temperature-stable environments and avoid exposing them to high heat. 

TRUST THE PROFESSIONALS. As tempting as it is, do not take household tools to your ring to fix anything loose, bent, misshapen, or otherwise damaged. Please do not attempt to fix it yourself – we will be happy to help! 

IF ANYTHING, REMEMBER THIS. Wear your ring with care and common sense. Remove your ring before performing any activity that might damage it. Constant submersion and/or harsh chemicals will eventually degrade the protective resin or potentially tarnish the metal. Extreme temperature changes can potentially cause the metal to expand or contract, damaging the inlay. When not wearing your ring, be sure to store it in a place other objects will not be able to ding or scratch it - a cloth bag or small box is a great place to keep it safe.  

No matter what, always remember that our rings come with a free limited lifetime warranty, If the resin on your ring begins to show any signs of wear at all, it can be replaced or repaired at no cost to you – so please contact us if anything ever happens to your ring so we can address it before it gets worse!  

Doing these things will help prolong the life of your Celestial Rex ring (and/or extend the period you can go before potentially needing to be polished or refinished.)


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