Picking Out A Ring


Your Celestial Rex jewelry is designed and crafted to exacting quality standards and is warranted against imperfection in design, materials or workmanship. Any jewelry not meeting these standards will be repaired or replaced. To request a warranty repair, your Celestial Rex jewelry and proof of purchase must be sent to Celestial Rex in order for this warranty to be valid. Any jewelry with a confirmed warranted defect will be repaired or replaced for a period of one year. Subsequent to the one year, your product is still warranted but will be subject to a deductible. If any party other than Celestial Rex has worked on your Celestial Rex jewelry, the warranty is null and void. Warranty does not cover normal wear. Celestial Rex may substitute a similar material for discontinued materials. Celestial Rex is not responsible for sentimental value of the original jewelry.

We typically carry comfort fit wedding bands in ceramic and tungsten.  But we can special order other materials such as gold, titanium, etc.

We currently carry Flat, Dome, and Beveled rings with options for single, double or triple channel inlays.

The easiest way is to get sized at your local jeweler, but we wrote an article on this topic to give you some other ideas here: https://celestialrex.com/blogs/news/how-do-you-measure-your-wedding-band-size

Sun Light - 5 minutes, UV light (black light) - 5-10 minutes, Room light - 20-30 minutes.
Shorter exposure times will work, but the times listed here will produce them maximum glow duration & brightness. Any charging time over 30 minutes does not produce any better results.
Our Glow Rings respond best to light sources rich in UV rays such as sunlight, black lamps and halogen lamps. Tungsten lamps (incandescent bulbs) take longer to recharge the pigment because their UV output is low. Fluorescent lamps, which are rich in UV, provide a reduced charge time if the ring is placed right next to them.


The short answer is, yes...I mean maybe.  The long answer is, it depends on what it is. Not every material is well suited for us to incorporate into a ring.  But many materials do.  For example, harder, more durable materials will be easier to incorporate. 

We are constantly searching near and far for the highest quality prehistoric fossils to incorporate into our rings. Here is our current inventory of fossils available:  Allosaurus  Bone, Ankylosaur Scute Bone, Blue Dinosaur Gembone, Carchodontosaurus Bone (African T-Rex), Centrosaurus Bone, Coloborhynchus Pterosaur Teeth, Dinosaur Coprolite (poop), Edmontosaur Bone, Edmontosaurus Bone, Elra Thia Baby Trilobites, Enchodus Bone, Fossilized Croc Gastrolites (stomach stones), Hadrosaur Bone, Ice Age Bison Bone, Ichthyosaurs Bone, Igaunodon Bone, KT Boundary Soil Sample (extinction layer), Lambeosaurus Bone, Mastodon Bone, Megalodon Tooth, Mosasaur Teeth, Onchopristis Bone, Petrified Wood, Plesiosaur Bone, Raptor Teeth, Rebbachisaurus Bone (Sauropod), Red/Orange Dinosaur Gembone, Sea Snake Bone, Shark Vertebrae, Spinosaurus Tooth, Stegosaurus  Bone, Stingray Bone, Struthiomimus Bone, Tenontosaurus Bone, Torosaurus Bone, Triceratops Bone, Triceratops Frill Bone, Triceratops Horn, Tyrannosaurus Rex Bone, Tyrannosaurus Rex Tooth, White Dinosaur Bone, Woolly Mammoth Tusk

We carry a pretty wide variety of glow colors and combinations.  Each one has a "day" color when its light out and a different "glow" color when its dark out. Here they are in all their glowing glory...Pink day/Rust glow, Pink day/Pink glow, Purple day/Purple glow, Purple day/Blue glow, White day/Purple glow, White day/White glow, White day/Red glow, Red day/Red glow, Aqua day/Aqua glow, White day/Aqua glow, White day/Blue glow, Blue day/Blue glow, White day/Orange glow, Orange day/Orange glow, Neon Yellow day/Green glow, Light Green day/Green glow, Dark Green day/Green glow"Lit" white day/green glow (claimed to be the "glowiest" glow powder out there - even heat can charge it), Triple Glow Powders: Day Color, Black Light Color Explodes, and same or close to same glow color of the day color: Aqua 15 hour glow, Blue 5 hour glow, and Purple 4 hour glow 

Here is our current inventory of meteorite available: Nantan Meteorite Fragments, 10mm NWA xxxx unclassified Meteorite Fragments, Achondrite Meteorite Fragments NWA 2975 (Martian, basaltic shergottite), Campo Del Cielo Meteorite Fragments, Canyon Diablo Meteorite Fragments, Eagle Lunar Landing Module from Apollo 11 metal (from a medallion)Gibeon Meteorite FragmentsLunar Highlands Gabbro Meteorite NWA 5000 MoondustLunar Meteorite Fragments NWA 4932Moldavite Meteorite FragmentsNWA 869 Meteorite Class L4-6Seymchan Martian Meteorite Fragments and DustVaca Muerta Meteorite Fragments

Here is our current inventory of gemstone available: Amazonite : Green (Mint Green), Amazonite : Mint (Mint Blue), Amber : Yellow (Lite Yellow), Amethyst : Purple (Deep Purple), Apatite : Blue ( Blue and Green Mix), Apatite : Blue (Electric Blue), Blue Aventurine : Blue (Royal Blue), Blue Hematite : Blue (Baby Blue), Blue JadeBlue Sodalite : Blue (Blue and White Veining), Carnelian : Orange (Lite Orange), Carnelian : Yellow (Bright Yellow), Citrine : Yellow (Bright Yellow), Crystal : Clear (Ice Clear), Diopside : Green (Deep Green), Emerald : Green (Mixed Green), Ethiopian Fire Opal, Freshwater Black Pearls, Garnet : Red (Purpleish Red), Green Aventurine : Green (Sea Foam Green), Green Calcite : Green (Sea Foam Green), Green Opal : Green (Grass Green), Jade : Green (Forrest Green), Kusnite : Blue (Navy Blue with White), Magnesite : Turquoise (Turquoise), Moldavite : Green (Dirty Green with Brown), Onyx : Black (Smoke Black), Orange Agate : Orange (Deep Orange), Peridot : Green (Grass Green), Pink Agate : Pink (Vivid Electric Pink), Pyrite : Gold ( Brass Gold), Quartz Crystal, Red Agate : Orange (Orange and White), Red Bamboo Coral : Red (Dyed Red), Red Hematite Quartz : Red (Deep Red), Rose Quartz : Pink (Lite Pink), Ruby : Pink (Lite Pink almost white ), Selenite : White (Electric White), Tiger Eye : Yellow (Yellowish Brown), Turquoise

We sure can!  Fill out the contact form to schedule a phone consultation or if you're in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina we can schedule one in-person.

Order Processing

Each Celestial Rex® ring is hand made to order and is expected to ship 10 weeks from the date of order. Custom orders are the most common exception to this, however when we design your custom we will explain your order's shipping needs.

We do offer rush services in special circumstances, so please reach out if you're in a hurry and we will see what we can do. (Some charges may apply)