May 15, 2019 2 min read

So, you’re buying a wedding ring. You’ve made it that far. Now, how do you figure out what size ring you need? If you already know your ring size you should be shopping (here) and not reading this post, so get to it.

The Consult: If you are local to the Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh area you can schedule an in person consultation. This visit with one of our CelestialRex Ring Experts will include brainstorming and creating your perfect, one of a kind wedding band, and it will include sizing. Problem solved.

Just Looking: Another option is visiting your local jeweler. Perhaps you’re already there purchasing something for your significant other? Simply ask to be sized. It shouldn’t cost any money and the worst thing that might happen is they ask what you’re interested in or when the big day is. Make sure you let them know you're interested in "comfort fit ring." I promise they don’t bite. 

Old School: You could also try the old school approach of wrapping a piece of string, dental floss, etc. around your finger. You will need string, a marker or pen and a ruler with MM measurements. Wrap the string around your finger and mark the string where the end meets (ask for help if you need to!). Then measure said string on a ruler. With the MM measurement you took from the string, look at the size chart (hereor below) to determine what size ring you should be ordering. Go with the closest size possible. My ring finger measures 54.1mm so I am a size 7. See how that works? Old school.

Use our size conversion chart below if you're in a different country!

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