April 17, 2019 2 min read

Considering the fact that you will be wearing your wedding band for a very long time (we hope), it’s worth it to take the time in making sure it’s something you truly want and will love forever. Whether you’re going the traditional route; matching gold wedding bands, or the unique route; Opal Rex Ring: T-Rex fossil, Meteorite and Opal (link to ring page). There are a few things to consider when making a purchase of this magnitude.

Budget and Lifestyle: Have you and your SO set a ring budget? Budgets can differ greatly depending on lifestyle, expectations, etc. i.e. Do you really need that 3 carat princess cut Tiffany diamond (yes)? Do you have metal allergies that require you to wear platinum exclusively? How rough are you on your jewelry? Do you work with your hands frequently? All of these factors come into play when setting a budget.

Uniqueness: Are you expecting your rings to match? Do you have a family heirloom that you want worked into your wedding rings (Contact Us, we can do that)? Do you just really like dinosaurs and moon dust? Celestial Rex was created by “Chad” (link to about page) after a fruitless search for a special, unique wedding band in the traditional market lead him to creating his own, one of a kind wedding band. Having a wedding ring custom made for you is not only special and unique experience/gift, it can be passed down for generations.

Quality: Are you okay with purchasing something you might not love forever? Do you plan on replacing it sooner rather than later? Or is this your forever ring? Make sure your jeweler is reputable. Ask for client references. Each of our creations comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and our guarantee that everything we use is genuine.

Consultations and Sizing: It goes without saying that consultations and sizing are very important. There are many ways to determine ring size. Do you already know exactly what you want in a ring? Head over to our inventory. Is there a special combination and glow you have in mind or not sure where to start? Head over to our consultation request page and set up a time to meet with us so we can create the perfect, one of a kind ring for your special occasion. 

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